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Originality Talent Company LTD is a leading Solutions Provider working in the
fields of ICT,Security and Development of innovative services.
The Company enjoys very rich technical experience as well as strong financial capability which enables it to deliver its services in agile way and high quality standard.The company has attracted top executive market leaders from big companies to drive the execution of its ambitious strategy to grow extensively in the market.

Technologies Expertise

Powering multiple industries throughout the decades, we have developed an art of tailoring software products that help better match business needs with end-user demand.We give our clients a winning edge through constant innovation, technological savvy and a customer centered approach that influences everything we do. We are dedicated to help our consumers in reaching their potential goals through latest technological offerings, which in return increases their quality service and their R.O.I.

Our Services

Internet of Things

We provide quality and secure I0T services to enable you to connect smart things and manage and analyse the data to create applications to meet your organisation and business needs.

Military Equipments

We supply all sorts of quality military, tactical, outdoor clothing and gear products for your business .Focused on expanding our product-based solutions to support a wide range of military

Security Surveillance

We specialize in all sorts of next generation security surveillance technologies and systems. We provide state of the art solutions that meet the security needs of businesses and organisation.

Solar Energy

We have latest state of the art solutions for your Home or Business or Industrial Power Plants. OrigTalent can specify, design, install and commission renewable solar energy systems for your developments. The company has experience of implementing solar energy projects.

Information Technology

We provide Information Technologies solutions in a wide range of applications. Our experienced teams specialises in state-of-the-art software development technologies. We provide quality services for Web Development, Desktop Software, E-Commerce Systems, Mobile Applications and Graphics Designing.


We are laminated bullet proof, laminates can be used to protect people and property while in-transit. Protection against threats starting from break-and-enter theft and vandalism right up to resistance against small arms fire like this photo

Bubble Wall Services

We supply bubble walls for our customers who want to have bubble walls with excellent finish, attractive looks with beautiful eye-catching patterns and lustrous finish. We can custom design a feature to fit any space.

3d Printing & Desing

We specialize in 3D printing using state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality material that will impress you and your customers. Whether you are 3D printing for making your product perfect before the launch, a scientific design, work of art or something simply for fun – we are here to help you..


  • BSoft Banquet (BBanquet)

    DESCRIPTION BBanquet provides online reservation and booking facility to the users. Furthermore, it allows every banquet to manage its gallery, booking slots remotely. FEATURES: Individual Admin panel for banquets Booking system for banquets Interact…
  • BSoft Call Centre (BCS)

    DESCRIPTION BCS has the ability to handle a considerable volume of calls on the computer screen and forward them to someone qualified to handle them, and to log calls. FEATURES: Creating callers profile Automated call distribution Several reports and…
  • Point of Sales Products

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  • 3D Printers

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  • Pen Cloud

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  • BSoft Point of Sale (BPOS)

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Client & Partner’s

We are always looking for interested partners and love Entrepreneur collaborations
Excellent customer care towards clients satisfaction is our pashion


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